Accomplished Projects

* "Biblical Dynamics" - a series of new commentaries on the Torah in Russian - parts 1-9, commentaries on the books of Genesis, Exodus and Numbers:

  1. "Two Stories of Creation" (Genesis, chapters 1-11)
  2. "Abraham" (Genesis, chapters 12-23)
  3. "Isaac and Jacob" (Genesis, chapters 24-36)
  4. "Joseph, Judah and their brothers" (Genesis, chapters 37-50)
  5. "Moses and the birth of a nation" (Exodus, chapters 1-17)
  6. "The Temple of Moses and the Temple of Aaron (Exodus, chapters 18-40)
  7. "Between Humility and Audacity" (Book of Numbers, chapters 1-18)
  8. "Clash with the nations" (Book of Numbers, chapters 19-33).

* "Israel and Humanity" – a series of books by Rabbi Uri Sherki (parts 1, 2, 3).

* "2000 years together: the Jewish attitude to Christianity"

* Книга "From the dust of the earth: Man and Woman in the perspective of the biblical text".

* Audio courses on the Book of Genesis (parts 1-2), Exodus (parts 1-2) and modern Jewish problems.

* Статьи к недельным разделам Торы (в текстовом и аудио-формате) на 5773 (2012-2013) гг.

* Articles on the weekly sections of the Torah (in audio and text format) in the Jewish year of 5773 (2012-2013)

* Книги по-английски:

  1. "Religious Zionism of Rav Kook" .
  2. "Selected Paragraphs from Arfilei Tohar by Rav Kook".